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E Pluribus Unum... Out of Many, One

The American Chamber of Commerce™ is a B2B & B2C network. It is a closed network open only to American businesses. The business is the Member; not the staff.

Our chamber is "strictly business!" We support and promote all member businesses in the United States, US Territories and Tribal Lands. Upon request, our team helps launch, support, and grow businesses through our trusted Business Stack.

We manage introductions, and all things commerce among our membership of entrepreneurs, small businesses and startup entities across the nation.


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Benefits of Membership

The Chamber platform is a hybrid cross between a social network and your local chamber of commerce. Member benefits begin with private networking with like-minded business and partners locally and nationwide.

The Chamber provides resources, growing volume discounts, and strategic relationships that save time and money, reduce risk, and promote your products and services (B2B & B2C). Members can post and share anything digital for marketing.

We offer access to our Business Stack; a volume of well-vetted strategic partners that provide just about everything any business could ever need. Do it yourself (DIY) or ask for help with your projects.

Our business model removes the conflicts of interest that most people hate. We don't sell data of any kind. No advertisers with invasive technologies. No spam. No fake profiles. No obligations to investors.

In fact, all of our obligations are to our Founding Members because they are our investors. We have various special benefits reserved for just for them.

What We Offer:

  • An association of businesses committed to commerce and "Good Business."
  • A platform for B2B networking with the American business community.
  • A podium for B2C marketing to the American public.
  • The ability to publish anything digital to share with the Chamber.
  • Your data is yours to publish, edit or delete.

What We Don't Offer:

  • No conflicts of interest through obligations to investors.
  • No incessant spam or fake profiles.
  • No third-party advertising, or their invasive data practices.
  • No counting of connections or likes.
  • No sale of data... not even anonymous aggregate data.

There is No Free Account:

  • We do not offer a "freemium" program, with the right to pay/upgrade for meaningful access. Just about everything is included.
  • We don't offer free trial accounts for abuse by data scrapers and fake accounts.
  • A credit card transaction mitigates much of the potential for fraud.
  • A small fee keeps away businesses less committed to commerce.
  • A tax-deductible $249 or less is all it costs for 99% of businesses in America.

You Cannot "Claim" An Account:

  • The Chamber does not harvest or publish business data from any source.
  • The only way for a Member to be found on the Chamber site is if they Join.
  • You do not pay to take control of anything, or remove negative reviews.
  • We don't surround your profile with direct competitors, or any other businesses.


As Small Business Advocates, we manage support strategies and services, including introductions to other Members and the trusted, well-vetted partners and providers of our Business Stack.

For entrepreneurs and business owners, Do It Yourself or request help from the Chamber for projects ranging from business formation through the sale of the company, and anywhere in between. Everything we have to offer for online promotions and marketing is included with membership.

For startups, begin with nothing more than a great idea. Let the Chamber be your first hire and build your custom Business Stack from there.

For all Members, we have a great deal to offer for building business relationships and managing online promotions and marketing.


Equally Important: What's NOT Allowed?

The Chamber has little regard for those that practice "Bad Business."

Scammers, spammers and frauds are not welcome. With one Chamber membership per legal business entity, we make it hard for any nefarious activities.

  • The Chamber promotes Member Profiles to as many potential customers as possible. We don't share or sell any form of confidential data. No data of any kind, personally identifiable or in anonymous aggregate form is available for sale.
  • Data harvesters are forbidden. As a disincentive for harvesting Chamber member data for any reason, members agree as a precondition of joining that they pay pay a significant cost for violating our Terms & Conditions regarding the collection and/or republishing of our membership data without written consent (which we will never provide).
  • At the sole unilateral discretion of Chamber staff, the use of spam or any mass unsolicited messages in any form may result in immediate termination of membership - without notice or refund. Any recourse allowed for terminated members, again at the sole discretion of Chamber staff, will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • There is no third-party advertising through the Chamber. While we may employ such advertising functionality on the Chamber networking platform, it is reserved exclusively for Chamber use in promoting Members, Strategic Partners or other content we determine is of strategic value. This prevents advertisers from utilizing various technologies for tracking, harvesting, packaging or selling your data.
  • No venture funding of any kind has been utilized in the formation of the Chamber. Our only obligations are to our Members because they are our investors.
  • Because we have opted to form a for-profit entity, we have no obligations to donors (or the mandatory perpetual search for donations).
  • Our organization demands an oath committing to doing only "good business." Our Terms & Conditions include a morality clause specifying that any act of misconduct on the part of a Member business is grounds for termination of membership without notice or refund. Misconduct is a general term that might include criminal charges, frequent lawsuits, disparaging comments or other undesirable business practices. Chamber staff have total discretion to address any such activity on a case by case basis.
  • The Chamber is open ONLY to legal business entities domiciled in the United States of America. A personal or private mail box is not acceptable. Nor is a representative of a foreign business residing in the USA. This helps mitigate fake profiles, spam and the efforts of other nefarious entities. It also protects against "false flag" entities from obtaining your payment information, and maintains your potential for legal recourse. Violations of these terms constitutes fraud, and may result in civil or criminal liability.
Our rules are strict... for the benefit and protection of honest, hard working owners and operators of American small businesses.