historic old painting of george washington saying he could not tell a lie, representing the chamber's strict privacy policy

"I cannot tell a lie"

We Share Profiles... Not Private Data

The American Chamber of Commerce is a modern cross between a social network and your local chamber of commerce.

Our privacy policy is unique. Perhaps the only business network with such a stringent code.

We will share your business profile with as many recipients as we can find. That is why we are all here. But we don't sell our members' private data. Not even anonymous aggregate data.

We have no third-party advertisers, eliminating a major source of data scraping.

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Our Chamber's Oath

Just as our Members take an oath promising to do only good business, so too does the Chamber itself.

We are small business advocates. We cannot tell a lie to or for our Members. When we say we don't share, let alone sell private data, we mean it. Not even anonymous aggregate statistical data can be obtained through us. Nor do we allow anyone to harvest Member data for sale or republishing on other sites.

To further protect your privacy, we don't allow third-party advertising which, through complicated technologies, is a primary source of abuse for tracking visitors.

The only way we intend to allow anyone to obtain anything from you or your business is through your profile. We won't hesitate to share whatever you publish with as many businesses and potential customers as possible. As we like to say, "That's why we are all here."

As Small Business Advocates, we reward our members for their "Good Business."

As always, the Chamber will make every effort to proactively share, refer, market or otherwise promote every Member business.

There is no way to opt out of that primary feature of the American Chamber of Commerce. If that is not acceptable, no account should be created.


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Dated 12-13-2023



We are proud of our Privacy Policy. We believe it sets us apart from all other social and business networking websites.

It is a fixed and dated document in Adobe PDF form, available for download. Future updates will be found here.