WWI poster of a big orange fish biting a hook saying don't be a sucker and a chamber message protect your password

"Don't Be a Sucker"

A New Level of Privacy

The American Chamber of Commerce is a business network. All of the data we collect is business data, with the possible exception of your credit card information (which is carefully secured by our trusted merchant account provider).

Regardless, what personal information we may obtain in the course of doing business is carefully secured and not for sale to any one for any reason. Not even anonymous aggregate data.

Members are responsible for both publishing and deleting their content. If an account is closed, it remains in backup files for a few days before being permanently deleted. The process is nonrecoverable. Basic account identification is archived.

Any data we have stored is managed in a way that meets or exceeds the CPRA (formerly the CCPA, as of 07-01-2023).


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