an image of an eagle taken from old US currency, below a banner displaying the words E Pluribus Unum with a subtitle regarding a commitment to an oath of excellence

"Committed to an Oath of Business Excellence"

E Pluribus Unum... Out of Many, One

The American Chamber of Commerce is here to do business... Good Business.

We expect nothing less from our Members.

Joining indicates that each Member agrees to abide by our "Oath of Business Excellence."


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American Chamber of Commerce

"As the responsible party for my Chamber member business, I solemnly swear to uphold the principles of integrity, honesty, and fairness in all my dealings with fellow Members and customers. I pledge to conduct my business with transparency and respect, fostering an environment of trust and cooperation within the community. I commit to delivering high-quality products and services, prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else. I recognize that the collective success of the Chamber benefits us all. In times of difficulty, I will support and uplift my peers, knowing that together, we can overcome all challenges. I will neither condone nor perform the acts of spammers, data harvesters or frauds that have no place in the Chamber. This oath I take willingly, understanding the responsibility it entails and the impact it can have on the American business community."
By Joining the American Chamber of Commerce,
We Commit to this Oath of Business Excellence.


In exchange for your oath and commitment, the American Chamber of Commerce promises to return the same to each and every member.


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Thank You for Setting a High Professional Standard for
the Members of the American Chamber of Commerce!