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Your Business is the Member

The Membership of the American Chamber of Commerce is made up of legal business entities rather than owners or individual staff.

Joining the Chamber makes a statement that Members are here to do business... Good Business.

Ready to be a Founding Member?

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What You Need to Sign Up

You need an email address for your username. We recommend creating a new dedicated email address specifically for the Chamber. It would be smart to use a proprietary email address connected to your website. Why promote Gmail with every message you send? It would also preserve your privacy.

You will be asked to create a "difficult" password for your Chamber login credentials. With the required minimum number of characters, include at least one of each; Upper & Lower Case Text, Number & Special Characters. Please... do NOT use any names, years or words that can be found in any dictionary. We've gone through a lot of trouble to protect your privacy and security, and prudently request that you do the same.

The American Chamber is open ONLY to legitimate businesses domiciled in the United States, including its territories and tribal lands. To participate in the Chamber membership, you must submit evidence of your business' legal status. You may provide links to online official records, or submit a digital copy for verification. This data is not a part of your profile, and will NEVER made available to anyone for any reason short of a court order. Upon verification, all such documents will be redacted or destroyed.

All you need is a great idea to join the American Chamber of Commerce!