old WWI poster of uncle sam modified to say no room for retail prices with the chamber

Out of Many Buyers, One Transaction

The American Chamber of Commerce expects to fully leverage the collective purchasing power of our Membership.

First of all, we have vetted a strategic team of well-trusted Partners to build or enhance individual Business Stacks for members that have an interest. We receive referral fees, discounts or both when members use their services.

As our Membership grows, we expect to negotiate more and bigger discounts, and other premiums for the benefit of our members.

Secondarily, for example, a group of 20 or 40 restaurants can combine their resources and negotiate a significant discount for purchasing the same high quality oven... or gas stove... or refrigerator. Or all of the above for a group of startups ready to equip their new kitchens.

It won't be long before Members can buy and sell anything.

Ready to be a Founding Member?

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Benefits of Membership

Membership offers shared purchases from venders locally and nationwide, and perhaps overseas.


What Can We Buy?

  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Wine
  • Computer Equipment
  • Work Vehicles
  • Shipping Containers of Crabs
  • Furniture

What Does Your Business Need?

For Commerce:

  • Sell Anything
    • Create Purchase Groups to Sell Your In-Demand Products & Services
    • Create Group Subscription Orders for Regular Delivery
    • Presell a Large Order Before You Source It

Be Creative.


We're Small Business Advocates. We'll do all we can to facilitate a market for commerce, letting Members buy and sell their products and services to each other, and to the general public.