an old poster of a man relaxing at home, repurposed to show his having joined the american chamber of commerce. He says, Me commmute I don't think so

"Me Commute???   I Don't Think So!!!"
"I Started A Business and Joined The American Chamber Of Commerce"

We're Setting a New Precedent for Business Networking

The American Chamber of Commerce is a national B2B & B2C networking platform; a modern cross between a social network and your local chamber of commerce.

Each Member is a valid business entity; not the staff.

A primary mission is to facilitate introductions in pursuit of commerce.

We have no use for connections or likes, and no tolerance for spam or fake profiles.

Members are free to post their goods and services, and encouraged to review the posts of others to satisfy their needs.

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Benefits of Our Network Include Trust in Fellow Members

Member benefits include private networking with like-minded businesses locally and nationwide (B2B).

Members may promote and market their products and services to members of the public by collaborating with other members as we add niche market directories, combine marketing efforts (such as with TV or newspapers) and exploit other strategies using our growing Chamber membership (B2C).

Validation of identities through a required credit card purchase is far from perfect, but it goes a long way to establishing a minimal level of trust for both sides of any business relationship. So too will reviewing websites, social media accounts and other criteria.

Connections, Likes, and Follows are simply addictive features for most social media sites that offer little value for what amounts to nothing more than gamification of the platform. They prove nothing but a false sense of success. With so many notifications coming in, users become numb and just tune them out. The Chamber's position is that there is a need for notification when there is potential business pending. It may take getting used to... but we actually expect members to come to welcome incoming messages.