WWI marketing card with uncle sam announcing the first call for founding chamber members

"First Call"
"I Need You in the Chamber this Minute"

We Take Care of Founders

The American Chamber of Commerce is a national B2B & B2C networking platform; a modern cross between a social network and your local chamber of commerce.

We allow one membership account per legal business entity, with a required domain name for use as your username.

  • Founder's original pricing is retained for the life of the business, while future members may be subject to cost of living adjustments at the time of renewal.
  • Founding Partners may add additional businesses at the same rate as their original membership cost for so long as they maintain one active annual renewal.
  • Members are encouraged to refer new businesses to the Chamber. Founding Partners may be rewarded financially or with coupons to pass on their Founder status to their referrals.

Note that the Chamber is not obligated in any way to investors, advertisers or anyone other than Chamber Members.

Our Founding Members are our investors!


Ready to be a Founding Member?

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Founder's Membership Has Its Privileges

Founding Member benefits begin with private networking with business peers and partners locally and nationwide.

Our Founders are our investors. In addition to the obvious rewards of membership you might expect, we have reserved special benefits just for our Founders:

  • Special Pricing for the Life of the Member Business
  • Email & Phone Support for the Duration of Founder Days
  • Referral Fees for Founding Members
  • Future Special Offers through our Business Stack
  • Random Rewards for Active Users (such as Free Renewals)
  • The Privilege of Nominating Future Pro Bono Recipients
  • Founders Referenced through Chamber Marketing
  • The Prestige of Being a Founding Chamber Member

Your participation and feedback will help shape the future of the Chamber.